Guiding children aged

5-11 years to build

strength and

awareness, all with



A personal welcome by Siân to Body, Mind & Heart Kids Yoga & Mindfulness.

Get your child involved (and yourself) and bring out your playful selves by taking what could be your first steps into the world of yoga. Practise two of the main poses; a downward dog and child’s pose. Also take the time to be mindful and spread some joy until the next time I see you.


A little look into what's been happening in class this term….

There’s been lots of brilliant yoga poses, games and mindfulness happening in class and here’s a sneaky look through the art of photography.

Some moon salutation poses and a wave to say hello to the moon, the practise of downward dog while learning sun salutation as part of a warm up and using the parachute and musical instruments in our bonfire night lesson.

The Mandalas with their added agreements of how we’ll work together with friendliness, love and respect, mindfully coloured in and Body, Mind & Hearts Mindful Jar of Gratitude and Love which is used in classes, but on this occasion was used in my adult and child workshop with messages of why we loved the person we were there with.

Some really great fun has been had so far and I’m looking forward to it continuing.


Each child is unique and deserves the opportunity to have fun in an inclusive safe environment with emphasis on a positive yoga practise, without perfection. 

Ensuring the body gets the right amount of physical exercise is a well known fact, but children must also be conscious of their minds and feelings and the need to take care of these with as much love.