I first practised yoga when I was around fourteen years old when I did it for a couple of years, enjoyed it and dabbled in a few sessions after that, but I wasn’t to start practising again until I turned thirty!

At this time I was led to some very beautiful and touching classes in India, followed by a yoga retreat with my now husband in the Australian rainforest to a month practising with a wonderful teacher in Thailand. She taught me to feel “sweet sweet gratitude”! I carried on practising when I arrived back in the UK and as well as the physical form of yoga I also found interest in being aware of the mind.

I spent many years working in the television industry. A number of these working alongside primary school children making programming for Children’s BBC as well as for the ABC3 children’s channel in Australia. I love children’s ability to just join in, have fun and their innocent, animated responses to life. Having now had two children of my own I aim to bring them up with an understanding of looking after themselves both physically and mentally through the practise of yoga.

All of the above experiences have finally led me to the place I’m meant to be and having completed my Kids Yoga Course and now being an accredited Kids Yoga Teacher I’m looking forward to passing on my passion for yoga and mindfulness to many children, through my company, Body, Mind & Heart and guiding children to build strength and awareness, all with feeling.