Frequently asked questions

Should I stay at the class with my child?

I ask that children are dropped off and left with me for the class. I believe that children develop confidence quicker with other children in the class if family members are not present.

However, please feel free to stay in the first week while they settle in, you both see what the class is about and then leave in the subsequent weeks.

Please let me know if you feel there is a need for you to stay with your child, as of course this is welcomed if your child needs you there.

There is also a small area in the main entrance where parents can stay while the lesson is taking place.

What do I need to bring with me to the class?

You may want to bring a soft, none fizzy drink to the class, but you won’t need anything else but yourself.

How can I pay?

Preferred payment is by bank transfer, of which details will be outlined on the invoice, but cash can also be paid at the beginning of a term or a taster class.