What does a class entail?

You may have attended an adult yoga class before or you may not. If so, scrap all memories of these, aside from the basic elements, obviously.

Be ready for your children to take a journey into an interactive, fun class where they will practise and incorporate poses, sharing, games, music, art and anatomy. Also let them take the moment they all need, but rarely get the chance to take, to work with their breath and in relaxation. Helping to keep both their body and mind healthy, which in turn will lead them to better deal with their feelings. Making them both healthy and happy.

Classes begin with a welcome, the introduction to the theme and continue into a warm up that includes games, breath work and movements. The main section of the session includes relevant poses connected to the journey of the class that day and will finish with a guided relaxation and sharing time.

Yoga is:

  • moving

  • strengthening

  • stretching

  • balancing

  • co-ordinating

  • breathing

  • focusing

  • challenging

  • relaxing

  • meditating

Mindfulness is:

  • calming the mind

  • slowing down

  • breathing

  • being present in the moment

  • concentrating

  • training awareness

  • a form of meditation

Together they benefit in so many ways:

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • posture

  • relaxation

  • focus

  • awareness

  • balance

  • energy

  • management of anxiety

  • decision making

  • concentration

  • happiness

  • compassion

  • connection

  • intuition