Safety Guidelines & Policies

Safety Guidelines:

If anything changes with my child's health I will inform Sian.

I give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment or First Aid in the event of Sian being unable to contact me.

If your child is unwell, it's best not to attend the class.

Sian will never diagnose a medical condition and advice should always be sort from a medical professional if you are concerned about your child.

If someone new is collecting my child from class and Sian hasn't been informed, Sian will contact me to ensure this is OK before letting my child leave the venue.

Payments and Cancellation Policy:


Full Payment is required at time of registration. Payment is preferred via electronic bank transfer – payment details are given on your invoice (e-mailed separately). Once payment has been made your place in the class is secure.


I reserve the right to cancel a course if there is a problem with the venue or the class size. In the event of cancellation, your course fee will be returned and I endeavour to offer you an opportunity to attend another class.

I am sorry but I cannot offer a refund for a missed class.

If I have to cancel a class (due to foreseen circumstances), I will offer a pro rata refund for the cancelled class(es) or replace the class at another time.

Social Media Policy: (ensuring everyone feels comfortable)

Please refrain from divulging any information about other children and parents within the class without permission from those involved.

Please ensure that photographs or materials published on social networking sites do not identify other children or parents without permission from those involved.