I offer classes that compliment learning and are cross-curricular, helping a child to develop with a whole child approach.

Each class will have a focused theme, to be discussed and with relevance to the curriculum (please see below to see how classes fit to the curriculum).

Classes begin with a welcome, the introduction to the theme and continue into a warm up that includes games, breath work and movements. The main section of the session includes relevant poses connected to the journey of that class that day, this may include some partner or group work. The class will finish with a guided relaxation and sharing time.

An initial meeting will lead to further planning with adaptation for specific purpose.

  • Investment: £45 per class (up to one hour)

    (Prices are negotiable depending on the need of the school)

  • Group classes up to 30 (additional teaching support/ assistant to be provided by the school).

  • Classes will vary from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs and age of the students.

  • A large space will be needed (school hall) with the use of school mats (some extra can be provided by me)

I believe that yoga and mindfulness would be a valuable activity to benefit children’s physical and mental health with the possible use of the School PE/ Sports Premium and Pupil Premium to fund this.

Classes fit into Key Stage 1 & 2 of the curriculum in the following ways:

PE - guiding children to develop balance, agility, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, control and technique which will evolve and be applied through their yoga poses.

PSHE - building on the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle as well as the lesser known need to also look after the mind in the same way, to keep it happy and healthy. This can be done through mindfulness exercises and awareness of the breath and their presence in the moment in the world.

Music (KS1) - getting children involved with practising poses to songs as well as using simple chants within classes.

Science - discussing the parts of the body and anatomy through the yoga poses and being aware of how their body moves into and sits in a particular pose.

Art - using the imagination to complete art work within the classes. Ranging from drawing mandalas (circular symbols with geometric patterns) often with significant meaning, which can be, if wanted, homed in on in class. To drawings that depict the journey that has been taken in the class through a number of poses or breath work.